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What is "Refurbished" Inventory?

When we say that we "refurbish" a computer, that means so much more than just wiping it off and reinstalling Windows.  When we aquire a pre-owned computer, we do an initial clean up of the inside and outside of the PC.  We inspect all components, inside and out, for functionality and if it is not cost-prohibitive (cost more than the computer will be worth after repairing or replacing) we make the necessary repairs to ensure our customers have the highest quality computer.  We also will replace the old thermal paste with new to ensure maximum heat transfer off of the processor to avoid overheating.  After the repairs are done, we will re-install a clean version of Windows.  We then make sure every component has the correct drivers installed, after which we download and install all available Windows Updates.  Next we install antivirus software (free version) and anti-malware software (free version) - both of which can be upgraded to paid coverage after you purchase or just continue to manually scan with the free version.  Finally, we install Open Office, a freeware office package that will enable you to work with Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) without the cost of purchasing the expensive Microsoft versions.  Please note that with our current discount pricing we typically will not replace the batteries on laptops that will currently hold a charge for 5 minutes or longer.  Batteries are NEVER warrantied by ATS, however when we do replace batteries before the sale, they may be covered under the original providers warranty.  ATS is NEVER responsible for replacement or replacement costs associated with returning a battery under manufacturer warranty. 

Current Inventory at ATS


Hey Folks!!! We have reduced the prices on ALL of our laptops and desktops for HUGE savings! Check out these deals and get them before they get away!

1. Custom-built Republic of Gamers Gaming Desktop with Dual monitor setup (is set up to accommodate a third monitor) – running clean, activated install of Windows 11 Pro 64bit. It runs fast, quiet and cool with adjustable fan speeds right from the desktop. All cables and cords are also included. Specs are:


• Intel Core i7 processor @ 4.00GHz

• 256GB SSD hard drive with OS installed

• Additional 1TB SATA hard drive

• 16GB Memory (DDR4)

• NVidia GeForce GT710 graphics card

• Republic of Gamers Maximus IX HERO motherboard

• Corsair Spec-01 Carbide series gaming tower case with LED lights

• Windows 10 Pro operating system 64 bit – legal and activated

• Gaming USB keyboard and mouse

• 2 - DVD-RW drives

• 24” Sceptre LED monitor (used)

• 22” Dell monitor (used)

• USB WiFi and Ethernet LAN RJ-45 port

• Speakers - Amazon Basics

• Microsoft Office

• Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Version

• Additional cables to add more drives/fans to tower

• Documentation, manuals and software disks for case, processor, motherboard and graphics card.


Motherboard has two M.2 sockets for additional SSD drives. VGA, DVI and HDMI video outputs (up to 3 monitors). Many, many additional options on motherboard and software included to enhance your gaming experience.


ATS Price for full package only $1,550 or buy just the tower and power cord for just $1,350.


Want to "Refurbish" Your PC?

If you have an older PC that you would like to have refurbished, as explained above, contact us at Applied Technology Solutions for a quote on this service!